SAN FRANCISCO — BuildingIQ, a leading energy management software company, has announced a partnership with Syserco, a state-of-the-art energy management systems provider. By providing a “holistic” approach to energy management, said the companies, this partnership enables building owners and facility managers in Syserco’s over 1,200 systems portfolio to look at their buildings’ total energy usage from a macro-level perspective and derive energy savings and reductions utilizing BuildingIQ, which provides continuous optimization of commercial buildings.

By predicting and optimizing a building’s energy use and then automating and controlling the building, the partnership is said to provide customers with a fully integrated energy management solution.

According to BuildingIQ, its Predictive Energy Optimization™ technology provides more than just reporting and analytics, predicting energy demand and directly adjusting HVAC system parameters to continuously optimize building energy use and cost. By communicating with building management systems (BMS), BuildingIQ automatically reduces energy consumption while maintaining or improving tenant comfort, said the company. When combined with BuildingIQ’s DRIQ, customers can take full advantage of demand response programs.

“By automatically learning a building’s energy performance and adapting to changes in internal and external conditions, BuildingIQ is able to minimize energy cost and consumption within buildings unlike any other solution available today,” said Scott Wallace, general manager of energy solutions at Syserco. “We see the difference BuildingIQ’s system can make for our building owners and operators. Together, we bring a holistic solution to building managers and ensure optimal energy consumption throughout the entire building to deliver real energy savings.”

In addition, Syserco will combine its system integration and customer specialists with BuildingIQ’s ManagerIQ to deliver a seamless process for managing many buildings from a single management console, said the company. ManagerIQ provides Syserco the visibility and scalability to manage their customers at the site level and across large portfolios and campuses.

“We are pleased to partner with a company the caliber of Syserco and look forward to bringing a game changing energy management strategy to the market,” said Mike Zimmerman, CEO of BuildingIQ. “The ability to react to demand response events and meet energy reduction targets while ensuring tenant comfort makes BuildingIQ the only viable option for commercial building owners and managers.”

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Publication date: 12/12/2011