SAN FRANCISCO — Demand Management Installation Services (DMIS) has announced a new partnership with SunRun, a leading residential solar company. DMIS and its affiliates conduct 25,000 in-home energy consultations annually, working with homeowners who want to save money through efficient energy use. The new partnership with SunRun adds one more option to DMIS’ offerings: SunRun owns and maintains solar panels on a homeowner’s roof and the homeowner makes low monthly payments for the power. With this arrangement, said the companies, homeowners avoid the high upfront costs of switching to solar and save significant amounts of money over time on their electric bills.

While homeowners save on what they pay for their energy, traditional utility providers also benefit from reduced demand on the electric grid. DMIS will offer SunRun services throughout the Bay Area, from Napa to San Jose and San Francisco to Alameda County.

“DMIS specializes in helping homeowners identify ways to save money on their energy. But in particular we look for measures that have either a fast payback on the initial investment or a high ROI,” said Jason Hanleybrown, CEO of DMIS. “This partnership with SunRun will enable our customers to reap the benefits of solar without laying out tens of thousands of dollars to do so. And traditional utilities also benefit from reductions in peak kilowatt-hour usage.”

In addition to helping consumers make their homes more energy efficient, DMIS works with utilities to design and implement energy- and water-saving programs, bringing its experience in the home to create efficiency programs that deliver cost-effective savings.

SunRun began to pioneer third-party ownership of residential solar systems in 2007. Its partner network serves more than 15,000 customers in nine states.

“We work with trusted partners to help homeowners throughout the country take advantage of our affordable, easy, and smart approach to going solar,” said SunRun President and Co-founder Lynn Jurich. “We want to be one of the largest providers of energy for American homes, and DMIS will help us reach more homeowners in the Bay Area who can benefit financially from solar while helping the planet.”

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Publication date: 12/12/2011