Nashville SymphonyCompany:Lee Company, Franklin, Tenn.

Customer: Nashville Symphony, Nashville, Tenn.

Installation: Knock-down air handlers with Fanwall Technology® from Huntair Inc.

Completion: December 2010

Objective: Replace air handlers without structural demolition.

Work Completed: A May 2010 downpour caused the worst flood in Nashville’s history, damaging several air handlers beyond repair that were tucked away in the basement of Schermerhorn Symphony Center. A like-for-like replacement would have required demolition of the center’s beautiful neoclassical exterior walls. To meet job requirements, the mechanical contractor chose knock-down air handlers with Fanwall Technology® from Huntair Inc.

The new air handlers entered the building in pieces small enough to fit through an existing air opening 20 feet below grade and assembled in place. The space savings of a Fanwall® system versus a conventional fan allowed each air handler to be reconfigured and sit on a platform 6 feet above the basement floor to avoid future damage. The acoustic performance of the new air handlers is an improvement, even with the removal of a significant amount of the sound attenuation structure installed in the ductwork of the previous system.

Publication date: 12/05/2011