coilOnline coil selection software CoilPro is now available with new working fluids for the company’s full range of heat pipes. The fluids expand the range of operating temperatures for heat pipes from -30 to 200°C. This higher temperature range allows for heat recovery from higher working temperature airstreams. CoilPro is capable of selecting and rating heat pipes with 5/8-, 7/8-, or 1-inch tubes in either copper or aluminum. Both flat plate and spiral fins are available. Accurate calculation of custom heat pipe designs are possible with imbalanced exhaust and supply airflows, varying fin spacing for exhaust and supply, varying fin materials for exhaust and supply, either waffle (configured) or flat plate fins, and heat recovery or wrap-around heat pipe configurations. The software also allows the user to quickly obtain a price and dimensional specification drawing for the heat pipe selected. Qualified users can easily save and retrieve projects at the quotation stage, then later launch orders directly to Colmac MIS (Management Information System), reducing order processing time. Updates of the software are automatic and do not require that the user take time to download and reinstall the program.

Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc.

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