clamp and patchFor patching holes in copper and aluminum tubing, Patch Rite high-pressure patching system is simple to apply. According to the manufacturer, the key to the bonding strength of the patching system is the 0.020-inch cavity in the patch. The cavity is filled with Patch Rite bonding anaerobic and forms a high-pressure acrylic bond on top of and around the hole in the tubing. This acrylic bond will withstand pressures of 1,200 psi and temperatures of 3,500°F. The patching system is impervious to all fuels, automotive and industrial chemicals, bases to pH12, and any acid that is safe to use with copper and aluminum. The patches are ideal for plumbing, air conditioning, refrigeration, hydro heating, and industrial applications, says the company. They are stamped from 0.030-inch-thick stainless steel and can be used on both copper and aluminum tubing without any galvanic corrosion being formed. Patches are available for tubing sizes ¼-inch (3/8-inch refrigeration), ½-inch (5/8-inch refrigeration), ¾-inch (7/8-inch refrigeration) and 1-inch (1-1/8 inch refrigeration).

Jackson Industries Inc.

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