snipsSix 10-inch snips are available with corrosion-resistant metal to protect the tools from rust. An exclusive spring and lock mechanism allows the user to open and close the snips with one hand, while thumb and forefinger slots allow the user to push through sheet metal with ease. Additionally, the cutter heads feature subflush bolts to prevent the tool from getting hung up on sheet metal while cutting. Each of the new tools is made with forged metal heads and machined precision for maximum tool strength and durability. According to the manufacturer, forged heads provide up to 10 times the life of comparable cast heads. Durable rubber grips add comfort and help protect the tool. Available in multiple options for varying applications and user preference, the new offering includes straight-cutting aviation snips (48-22-4030), left-cutting aviation snips (48-22-4010), right-cutting aviation snips (48-22-4020, straight-cutting bulldog snips (48-22-4000), right-cutting right-angle snips (48-22-4021), and left-cutting right-angle snips (48-22-4011).

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.

eProduct 191