HOUSTON — Direct Expansion Solutions (DXS), a division of HTS Engineering Ltd. that specializes in variable refrigerant volume (VRV) implementation and design, announced that it will be the exclusive supplier of Reflok® air conditioning connection components in Texas. According to the company, Reflok selected DXS due to its strong statewide presence, solid experience with VRV projects in numerous industries, and proven ability to provide reliable technology to customers.

The Reflok aluminum components allow for installation of full VRV air conditioning systems without the use of the traditional extreme-heat brazing process, to eliminate the blow-torch heating process and provide a cleaner and safer installation, said the company. Welding/brazing results in a build-up of oxidation which creates an environment for debris to enter the oil/refrigerant section of the air conditioning system. Such contamination can plug the filter drier and shorten the life of the compressor. Reflok eliminates the potential for this type of system contamination.

In addition, the company said, the quick-to-install, time-saving connectors eliminate leaks, are 15-20 percent less expensive than standard VRV welded copper systems when combined with aluminum refrigerant piping, can be interchanged between copper and aluminum refrigerant piping, and are ideal for spark-proof environments.

“DXS continues to make it a priority to find the most eco-friendly, innovative, and reliable air conditioning solutions on the market for our valued customer base in Texas,” said Thomas McLaughlin, principal of DXS. “Therefore, Reflok was a natural match for DXS due to the substantial installation benefits and cost savings their aluminum product provides.”

“We are excited about providing our refrigerant piping connection components and aluminum refrigerant tubing to DXS and their quickly growing operations in Texas,” said Bart Petterson, president of Reflok North America. “We expect that DXS’ close relationships with their HVAC partners, contractors, and engineering firms will greatly enhance Reflok’s sales channels and translate into new revenue growth for our company.”

For more information, visit http://texas.htseng.com/Reflok/.

Publication date: 11/21/2011