NAFA logoVIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) launched a new logo and branding slogan. Committee members met during their annual convention in Williamsburg, Va., and were asked by NAFA’s board of directors to create a memorable phrase and brand image that reinforced the group’s premise and communicated the key benefits of working with NAFA members to all major segments of the air filtration user market: industrial, commercial, health care, institutional, and residential. Extensive brainstorming sessions and surveys conducted by both the marketing committee and the general NAFA membership resulted in a combined list of 94 ideas. A vote was taken, and the top six favorites were forwarded to the NAFA board of directors. The board voted on the final winning slogan that they felt captured the essence of NAFA’s long-term mission and vision for its leadership role in the air filtration industry.

“The Source for Expertise, Education & Standards in Air Filtration,” submitted by Dave Harris of Air Rite Filters, will be implemented into all future NAFA correspondence, advertising, and marketing efforts.

Publication date: 11/7/2011