BALTIMORE — Lynxspring Inc. and Constellation Energy have announced an agreement aimed at increasing the number of automated load response users through the Lynxspring Energy Partner (LEP) network. According to the companies, the alliance will give building controls providers and systems integrators the opportunity to offer their customers Constellation Energy’s load response programs and VirtuWatt Energy Manager to automate load response.

“The LEP network allows controls providers to differentiate themselves and bring added value to customers by offering energy products and services,” said Lynxspring president and CEO Terry Swope. “New load curtailment customers will be able to rely on LEP network providers to implement VirtuWatt with their existing building systems and to help develop automated load control strategies. As part of the program, customers will have the option to apply the load response revenue they earn toward the cost of utilities, building system upgrades, or other capital expenses.”

“We view our engagement with Lynxspring as a natural extension to our demand response mission in bringing dynamic, automated energy management capabilities to more customers through VirtuWatt,” said Peter Kelly-Detwiler, senior vice president, demand response, for Constellation Energy. “Scaling back energy usage and scheduling load curtailment can be easy, predictable and non-intrusive through the use of energy management technology. With VirtuWatt, building controls providers can help customers meet their sustainability goals and earn revenue for curtailing energy use.”

The LEP network is available to building controls providers serving customers in Constellation Energy’s load response markets in the mid-Atlantic, New England, New York, Texas, California, and Ontario. Through the LEP network, vendors will receive training in load response and energy markets, establishing curtailment plans, and deploying automated curtailment strategies for their customers.

Constellation Energy currently manages more than 1,500 megawatts of load response for commercial and industrial customers. According to the company, its VirtuWatt web application, which is also available as an iPhone® app, enables customers to better monitor and manage their electricity use and maximize the financial benefits of demand response programs through minute-to-minute metering, real-time pricing information, marketplace bidding capabilities, and automated energy curtailment strategies.

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Publication date: 10/24/2011