FRESH MEADOWS, N.Y. — US Energy Group and Special Applied Intelligence (Special AI) announced an agreement to deliver wireless 4G service to buildings utilizing US Energy Group’s building energy management system (BEMS). Last fall US Energy began a five-building trial of Special AI’s service, running on the Sprint 4G network. US Energy now relies on for connectivity to over 120 locations in New York City with more being installed.

US Energy’s system provides a real-time summary of energy consumption and detailed reporting of boiler function, oil tank levels, interior temperatures and more. The company said its USE Controller BEMS reduces fuel use by 15-35 percent, with payback in less than two years. In the five-building trial, fuel use decreased by 22 percent. Additionally, tenants said they were much more comfortable with the building temperature and no longer had to open windows to vent excess heat. is a turnkey Internet access solution, designed specifically for use in building applications such as US Energy’s USE Controller BEMS. Other common uses of include building security systems, video surveillance, key-fob entrances, and virtual doorman systems. According to the company, unlike traditional ISPs, Special AI can install at new sites and get them online in just a couple of days.

“US Energy’s products perform critical building functions that demand reliable, secure network access, even though their business has nothing to do with network operations. With, we provide fully managed and monitored network service, allowing US Energy to focus on what they do best,” said D. Fritz Kunstler, chief executive officer, Special Applied Intelligence. “The Sprint 4G network powers, and is a perfect example of how we are leveraging the latest technologies to give our customers a competitive edge.”

“Sprint’s collaboration with US Energy Group and Special Applied Intelligence underscores our commitment to developing sustainable, energy-efficient solutions,” said Wayne Ward, vice president of the Emerging Solutions Group - Sprint. “There is an unprecedented convergence of new technologies that allows innovative companies to utilize the Sprint 4G network to enable exciting energy saving applications and real-time video surveillance of critical systems.”

“We are proud to introduce US Energy Group customers to and Special AI’s excellent management and support,” said Jerry Pindus, CEO, US Energy Group. “Building owners need the latest technology for ultimate control.”

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Publication date: 10/24/2011