copper theft monitorMonitoring the two vulnerable components of an air conditioning system — voltage and refrigerant pressure — the CopperWatcher™ system assists building owners and homeowners with alerting them to the presence of air conditioning unit copper thieves. The monitor will trigger the building’s alarm system the second the thief turns off the power or cuts the refrigerant copper line. When power is shut off, the system sends a signal to the existing burglar alarm system. The burglar alarm system’s loud siren sounds draws attention to the would-be thieves. According to the manufacturer, CopperWatcher™ is intelligent enough to tell the difference between a purposeful shut-down and a local power outage, and will not send a false alarm to the security panel, saving the end user a possible fine with local authorities and the nuisance the audible alarm will cause. The moment a power outage occurs, the monitor will still be functioning because it is supported by the alarm system’s backup battery and detects theft through a specially modified and patented pressure switch. It can be used in retrofit or new installations.

RW Frederick & Associates Inc.

eProduct 185