a/c unit copper alarmTo guard against air conditioner copper thefts, the ACAL-SHARK (Strobe, Horn, and Relay Kit) is a siren-based alarm with an integrated control board. The integrated control board eliminates the need to have a separate control panel or central alarm. The alarm activates only if the equipment’s wires are tampered with. Additionally, if the power is disconnected to the unit, or if refrigerant pressure falls below 5 psi, the alarm will activate. The refrigerant monitoring system will protect the unit from refrigerant theft. The centerpiece of the alarm is the 120-plus dB horn and strobe combo. The stand-alone siren runs off 12 vdc and has an optional battery backup. It also contains a tamper switch that will activate if the siren is pulled from the wall or the cover is removed. Two wires go to the included 110 vac to 12 vdc converter, and the other two wires go to the sensors on the a/c unit. At the a/c unit is the VMR (voltage monitoring relay), a closed-loop solid-circuitry relay with seven wires. The alarm can be tied into a central alarm on the property. Accessories, including tilt sensors and relay kits that allow protection of up to four a/c units with one alarm, are available.


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