mobile messaging softwareFieldForce Mobile is a web-based mobile messaging software for the mobile work force. The service enables companies to save time and money over phone calls by communicating with their workers via two-way text messages. Designed to give small- and medium-sized businesses a competitive mobile edge without the need to buy new phones or hardware, it is on-demand two-way text messaging software empowering companies with 5-500 representatives, technicians, drivers, or contractors working away from the office. To use, workers text into a special texting number the company provides businesses to register for the service. Company agents receive and respond by typing via their computers on a web-based interface. Outbound text messages can be sent to one or more team members with real-time alerts, reminders, or updates. Inbound text messages are sent in by workers out in the field to give status updates, ask questions, or place orders.

Mosio Inc.

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