CO2 sensorDesigned to work with the APOGEE® building automation system and BACnet programmable terminal equipment controllers (PTEC), the Series 2200 range of BAS CO2 room units include sensing-only and fully interactive models. The family includes numerous options for zone-level CO2-, temperature-, and humidity-sensing variants and elements. On display models, a 96- by 64-pixel graphical organic light emitting diode display (OLED) alternately indicates zone CO2, temperature, humidity and/or day/night operation status. A plug-in human machine interface (HMI) port is standard. The maintenance-free, compact, low-profile units connect to the BACnet PTEC controller via the controller’s RJ-11 port. Ventilation slots in the room unit housing optimize airflow through the cover for fast measurement response and control.

Siemens Industry Inc.,
Building Technologies Div.

eProduct 185