condensate evaporatorEnergy-saving Keil® Refrigeration Hardware T12 Series condensate evaporators are now available with a weight-sensing on-off pressure switch that only activates when the pan is full of water. According to the manufacturer, the cost-effective innovation assures customers that they are only consuming energy when absolutely necessary. The condensate pans utilize state-of-the-art PTC resistor heating pad technology, which utilizes a resistor wire to regulate the wattage consumed based on the temperature of the pan, further conserving energy by not constantly operating at peak wattage. The evaporators come standard with a 50-fluid-ounce (1,500 milliliters) cast aluminum reservoir and an 18-inch (457 millimeter) removable cord set with bare leads. Both the 160-W standard duty (4-5 fluid ounce/hour evaporation rate) and 300-W heavy-duty (7-8 fluid ounce/hour evaporation rate) models are available for 117/120-V and 220/240-V applications. These units are NSF-listed and UL-recognized.

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