Wireless Digital MultimeterLT17AW is a wireless version of the LT17A digital multimeter. Using the included ET2W wireless transmitter, the technician simply attaches any of the company’s accessory heads to the transmitter and then can send measurements wirelessly to the LT17AW. For example, if a technician attaches the included ACH4 current clamp to the transmitter and then connects it to whatever he is measuring, the digital multimeter will receive the measurements up to 75 feet away, even through a closed blower door, says the company. All measurements are taken in real time so technicians get a more accurate diagnosis of whatever they are testing. The ac and dc voltages cover ranges from 200mV to 600V with a resolution of 0.1mV. The LT17AW measures temperature with a supplied K-type thermocouple for ranges from -30 to 1,400˚F. The thermocouple plugs directly into the back of the meter. The bright blue backlight makes it easy to read the display in dark areas. The LT17AW can be conveniently propped up with the built-in tilt stand, or it can hang from a pipe with the magnetic hanger.


eProduct 189