JACKSON, Mich. — Consumers Energy is offering multifamily property owners free installation of energy and water efficient products in individual living units, and free assessment of the lighting, heating and cooling, and water heating systems in common areas.

Under the Consumers Energy Saving Solutions program for multifamily properties, specially trained energy advisors will perform free energy assessments of lighting, heating and cooling, and water heating systems in common areas. Field technicians will install such items as compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and energy-efficient showerheads in each living unit at no charge. The energy advisors then recommend the most beneficial and cost-effective energy improvements, including those for which property owners can receive cash rebates from Consumers Energy.

Rebates for energy efficiency upgrades include $18 per furnace tuneup, $75 per water heater replaced, and more.

The program is open to properties of five or more units per building served by Consumers Energy. The utility said it will help owners add value to properties and reduce water, electric, and sewer costs.

“We’re inviting multifamily property owners to make important — and valuable — energy upgrades,” says Sandy Wymer, energy efficiency programs manager for Consumers Energy. “Energy cost savings are just one benefit of improving the energy efficiency of multifamily properties. Rebates help defray the cost of upgrades for multifamily property owners, and also offer the potential to increase property values, reduce tenants’ costs, and improve the environment.”

For information, visit www.consumersenergytradeally.com.

Publication date: 08/29/2011