WASHINGTON — Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) and Payroll4Construction.com have launched a new partnership to provide ABC contractor members with tailored resources for their payroll processing needs, including construction-specific advantages such as free certified payroll and construction reports; the ability to handle multiple prevailing wage jobs and pay rates; the ability to track multiple states and localities; and an integration feature with QuickBooks accounting software.

“ABC is excited to be working with Payroll4Construction.com on this important new payroll service that will provide tremendous value to our member firms,” said Michael Bellaman, ABC president and CEO. “Most payroll service firms are not designed to handle the special needs of the construction industry, but Payroll4Construction.com offers features that will make it much easier for contractors to meet the industry’s unique reporting requirements.”

“Processing payroll can be difficult and tedious for any business, but nothing compares to the complexities of construction payroll,” said Mike Ode, Payroll4Construction.com president. “Contractors must deal with many unique circumstances such as shifting pay rates, multi-state and local taxes, and certified payroll, to name a few. That’s why we created a construction-specific payroll service dedicated to meeting the payroll, tax, and reporting needs of contractors.”

In addition to its certified payroll, Payroll4Construction.com offers a variety of construction reports as a standard part of their service. These include new hire, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) minority compliance, workers’ compensation, job history detail, and job hour and job labor variance. Under the new partnership, ABC members are entitled to free setup and training when they become a new client of Payroll4Construction.com, a value worth up to $1,500.

For more information on this new program, visit www.abc.org/Membership/Member_Discounts2/Paychex_Payroll_Services.aspx.

For more information on Associated Builders and Contractors, visit www.abc.org.

Publication date: 08/01/2011