Carrier’s WeatherMaster® packaged units, in 3 to 25 ton sizes, meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® ratings.

This is a product round-up for new high-efficiency systems for light commercial and commercial applications.

Carrier( WeatherMaster® packaged units, in 3 to 25 ton sizes, meet or exceed Energy Star® and Consortium for Energy Efficiency levels, making them energy efficient and eligible for a variety of incentives.

WeatherMaster rooftops were designed for simplified installation with single point electrical and gas connections; certified and pre-engineered factory options; and field-installed accessories. Most 3 to 10 ton models fit on existing Carrier roof curbs dating back to the 1980s, which makes replacement easy and eliminates the need for curb adapters or changing utility connections.

Factory and field stocked, WeatherMaster units are available in gas heating/electric cooling, electric heating/electric cooling, or packaged heat pumps. Units deliver SEERs as high as 15.8 and EERs up to 13.0.

TheColeman( brand of HVAC equipment from Johnson Controls Building Efficiency business unit introduced three new air handlers that deliver improved efficiency to home comfort systems.

The newest additions to the LX Series - the MX modular blower air handler and the AHE air handler - feature a high-efficiency brushless, X13-style, dc electronically commutated motor (ECM) for system efficiency gains. The design of the MX unit includes four-way multi-position capabilities and a compact size for ease of installation. In addition, blowers and coils can be combined to function as a cooling-only unit, with a heat pump including electric heat or with an electric heater as a stand-alone electric furnace.

The Comforteer AHR air handler uses a permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor. Like the AHE, the AHR offers three-way, multi-position capabilities (upflow, horizontal left or right) and requires a field-installed thermal expansion valve (TXV) to provide optimum performance and refrigerant control. Field-installed electric heat options provide cost-effective supplemental heat, and a foil-faced, thermally insulated cabinet prevents sweating.

FHP Bosch Group’s RT series’ pre-engineered design is an alternative for 100 percent outdoor air applications traditionally requiring custom-built equipment.

Bosch Thermotechnology( has 13 models of RT series 100 percent outdoor air rooftop heat pumps, ranging in sizes from 4 to 30 tons.

The RT series built-in energy recovery wheel delivers up to a 75 percent reduction in demand for cooling and heating equipment, meaning lower installation costs and increased energy savings. The RT range continues FHP’s goal to support designers in achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

The RT series’ pre-engineered design is an alternative for 100 percent outdoor air applications traditionally requiring custom-built equipment. Ideal for schools, office buildings and virtually any building requiring ventilation air, the RT Series is compliant with the ASHRAE 62 standard by ensuring that minimum outdoor air volumes are delivered indoors. The RT Series is capable of conditioning summer outdoor air to room design conditions and helps prevent the indoor flow of overly dry winter air that can contribute to respiratory irritation.

“True to our nearly 40 years of heat pump manufacturing and design experience, the RT Series is a welcome addition to our line of commercial water source heat pumps,” said John Allcott, vice president of international product management, Business Unit Air Conditioning from FHP Bosch Group.

“Now from FHP you can have a complete and integrated system of energy-efficient WSHP for control of both the space conditions and the fresh supply air.”

The Goodman AVPTC Air Handler is ideal for either new or retrofit installations.

Goodman Manufacturing( offers its AVPTC air handler, which the company said is ideal for either new or retrofit installations. The AVPTC’s blower design includes a variable-speed direct current motor, which helps eliminate the cold blast of air upon heating start-up often associated with single-speed units.

The AVPTC offers up to 12 field-selectable airflow settings that can be adjusted to optimize the system’s cfm for each individual mode of operation. It uses R-410A chlorine-free refrigerant and is compatible with the ComfortNet communicating system family of products.

The variable-speed ECM blower motor provides constant cfm over a wide range of static pressure conditions independent of duct system, and provides low cfm for efficient fan-only operation.

The AVPTC is backed by Goodman’s 10-year parts limited warranty protection.

Lennox( has developed a commercial HVAC unit that integrates directly with a solar-energy system. The patent-pending SunSource® commercial energy system collects energy from the sun, feeds it directly into a solar-ready Energence® rooftop unit, and supplies any excess electricity to the rest of the building or to the power grid.

The SunSource system can effectively double the Energence rooftop unit’s already industry-leading efficiency rating - from 17.0 SEER to an effective efficiency level of 34 SEER and beyond. In certain regions, adding additional solar modules can help the rooftop unit achieve net-zero energy status, as the SunSource system will generate more power than the rooftop unit consumes. SunSource systems are a solar ready factory-installed option for 3- to 6-ton Energence rooftop units.

“The SunSource system is just the latest example of Lennox’s commitment to introducing green technologies that will lower the environmental impact of HVAC equipment,” said Larry Wei, Lennox product manager for commercial rooftop units. “By pairing an Energence rooftop unit with a solar energy system, building operators can cut their energy bills, lower emissions, lessen their building’s dependence on the electricity grid, and demonstrate their strong commitment to the environment.”

McQuay’s Maverick™ II Commercial Rooftop Systems provides building owners a cost-effective and efficient method for conserving energy.

McQuay International( now has an energy recovery wheel option for McQuay Maverick™ II commercial rooftop systems, providing building owners a cost-effective and efficient method for conserving energy while meeting the ventilation requirements of ASHRAE Standard 62.1.

The energy recovery wheel (with ARI-certified desiccant wheel, exhaust fan, optional bypass dampers, and controls) is provided as a one-piece, factory-installed option, with single point electrical power connection, eliminating coordination and leakage problems typically associated with field installed energy recovery devices. Installed, the rotating desiccant wheel provides energy recovery by drawing outside air across half of the wheel while drawing exhaust air across the other half, allowing for both heat and moisture to be captured and transferred from one air stream to another.

Factory-installed MicroTech® III controls and a variable frequency drive further complement the energy recovery wheel, providing integrated cooling, economizer, heating, dehumidification, and proper exhaust air control. Frost protection and purge options are also available. McQuay commercial rooftop systems with optional energy recovery wheel are ideal for use in hospitals, laboratories, churches, theaters, and schools.

The Trane Hyperion air handler has a modular design and smaller size – making for greater ease of installation.

Trane( has introduced the Hyperion™ air handler, “built unlike anything the market has ever seen.” The Hyperion is constructed with insulation between the walls of the Air-Tite™ II cabinet, which prevents condensation that may cause damage to the air handler itself or a consumer's home. The cabinet eliminates loose fibers from fiberglass insulation that may enter the airstream with other air handlers.

“Every element and component of the Hyperion air handler has been designed to deliver on Trane’s promise of legendary innovation and reliability,” said Kevin Carlile, vice president of sales, Trane Residential Solutions. “We’ve designed the Hyperion with the dealer in mind, focusing on reliability, installation and ease of service.”

The ease of installation offered by the Hyperion air handler comes from its modular design and smaller size - installing an air handler can be a one-person job from start to finish.

The air handler’s major components slide out for easy accessibility with the state-of-the-art integrated rail system. The double-walled Air-Tite II cabinet eliminates the need for exposed insulation and helps prevent energy loss with the use of airtight plugs instead of conventional knockouts. Quick-turn fasteners stay with the cabinet doors for convenience, and panel identifiers facilitate easier installation and service. The all-aluminum, 100-percent-recyclable coil is exponentially more durable than standard copper coils, which are susceptible to formicary corrosion.

Publication date:06/13/2011