The ERC 102 is an energy-efficient electronic refrigeration controller. It is designed to operate between 50 and 300V at 50 to 60Hz. The mini-computer uses four inputs and four outputs, powerful algorithms, and input from multiple sensors to regulate all energy-consuming parts in glass door merchandisers and vending machines. An easy-to-use interface enables individual setting of more than 500 parameters, including the daylight saving mode, compressor operating times, canopy/cabinet lighting schedules, evaporator/condenser fan control, and variable-temperature control. When fitted on a standard one-door glass door merchandiser with a mechanical thermostat, a fan, and a 0.5-hp compressor, the controller can reduce the refrigerator’s energy consumption by up to 52 percent, the manufacturer says. Using an external docking station, manufacturers have the ability to configure the controller remotely.

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