When it comes time to measure system efficiency, it is imperative that contractors don’t cut corners on the ventilation systems. Poor ventilation compromises the highest efficiency system, but the winning equipment inThe NEWS’eighth annual Dealer Design Awards’ Ventilation Products category showed up to show the ventilation world how complete efficiency is done. Efficiency wasn’t the only mark these winning manufacturers aimed for, and DuctSox, Titus, and Panasonic Home and Environment Co. respectively won gold, silver, and bronze awards for their further attention to contractors’ daily ventilation problems.



According to DuctSox, SimpleSox™ is the HVAC industry’s first field-adjustable, modular, configurable, and fully-stocked fabric air dispersion system for smaller, non-plan/specification ventilation applications. The UL-classified SimpleSox consists of round 15-, 5-, and 1.5-foot modular lengths of white polyester-woven, non-porous fabric ranging in five diameters of 12-, 16-, 20-, 24- and 28-inches that accommodate up to 6,000-cfm per run. The system is based on the patented, two-foot-wide Adjustable Air Outlet (AAO); a four-orifice component that can be zippered anywhere into the duct run. The AAO can produce 4- and 8-o’clock directional airflow or 2- and 10-o’clock if reversed. It offers a variety of throw distances as well as volume and directional capabilities comparable to metal duct/register systems. Supplementary components consist of an inlet collar, adjustable flow device for damper and turbulence control, and a 90-degree elbow and end cap that are fully stocked and available for next-day delivery from the manufacturer.

SimpleSox is designed for HVAC contractors and maintenance staffs with simple design-build heating/cooling/ventilating projects. It can be delivered to a project in a few small boxes, which eliminates the traditional fabrication and transportation steps. The product targets retail strip center tenant improvement projects; commercial facility build-outs or floor plan reconfigurations; manufacturing/warehouse industrial plant retrofits; or any other open ceiling architecture application.

SimpleSox comes with a one-year warranty, is non-corrosive, and will not rust. It can be disassembled and commercially laundered. The flexible fabric eliminates dents and allows contractors to suspend the ductwork from the ceiling with steel cable and snaps.



The EOS is a solar powered, energy harvesting linear diffuser from Titus. It is used in perimeter areas of buildings and mounted in the ceiling about 18 to 24 inches from the perimeter wall. EOS features a PC board with smart logic programming that checks the supply air temperature every 10 minutes and changes the air discharge pattern for cooling and heating - and vertical patterns respectively. It also continually monitors the light lux level in the room so it can maintain enough energy to operate and/or go into the conserve mode for nights and weekends.

In an effort to make this diffuser greener, Titus implemented a solar cell on the diffuser face that collects ambient room light as well as sunlight through the window. The light energy is stored on a capacitor and used to power the brains of the unit and the auto-changeover action. The diffuser comes in 24 inch and 48 inch lengths and is designed to fit standard T-bar grid ceilings, narrow tee ceiling grids, and plaster/hard ceiling applications. Each unit is shipped with a factory installed plenum with inlet connection. EOS eliminates the time and labor to field install a plenum to a stand-alone linear diffuser.

“This is a unique product that can not only save time for a contractor with regard to installation but definitely provides comfort and energy advantages to building owners,” said one contractor judge.

“It could be useful for zoning or problem areas with large single zones,” suggested another.



The ceiling mounted, 80 cubic feet per minute (cfm) WhisperGreen-Lite™ FV-08VKML3 exhaust fan is designed for 4-inch ducts in homes and light commercial applications. Energy Star® rated, the product is powered by Panasonic’s patented SmartFlow™ Optimum CFM Technology. It features a motion sensor, built-in variable-speed controls, and a high/low delay timer up to 60 minutes, providing dual-function - intermittent and continuous - ventilation. New features also include a contemporary flush mount grille that incorporates a 32-Watt Energy Star rated compact fluorescent lamp light fixture and a 4-watt night light. Detachable adaptors; firmly secured duct ends, adjustable mounting brackets up to 26 inches; fan/motor units that detach easily from the housing; and simple wiring all lend themselves to user-friendly installation, according to the company. This model also features a double-hanger bar system.

“We have installed these fans,” noted a contractor judge. “It is a very nice design for hotels with its variable-speed option and quiet operation.”

The product features an enclosed dc motor rated for 60,000 hours continuous run. It comes with a six-year warranty on the dc motor and three-year warranty on parts. The fan housing is made of heavy-gauge zinc galvanized steel and painted to protect it from rust.

2011 Honorees: Ventilation Products

Gold Winner

Silver Winner

Bronze Winner
Panasonic Home & Environment Co.

Honorable Mention
Tasseron Sensors & Controls
Qwik Mini

Publication date:07/11/2011