The Lubi™ solar air heater features significant energy savings and quick paybacks for commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. The wall-mounted solar collector simulates an aesthetic architectural glass-like facade, and provides up to 80.7 percent peak heating efficiencies. The solar air heater is capable of producing temperature increases of up to 81°F (45°C) above ambient outdoor temperatures. This allows it to fulfill applications ranging from pre-heating outdoor air to supplemental heating of facilities, depending upon the application, geography, and weather conditions. Maximum outputs are 254 Btuh/ft2 (800 W/m2). Each polycarbonate panel has 906 perforations. The Lubi’s panels greatly reduce thermal loss because of their transparency and the cooling effect of outdoor ambient air being drawn through the perforations by the building’s HVAC air-handling system. In Southern climates where dehumidification is used to precondition high latent heat loads of outdoor air, the solar air heater can also be used for desiccant regeneration when positioned upstream from gas-fired heaters used for enthalpy wheel drying. Panel perforations are dimpled and contoured to prevent rainwater infiltration. A UV-resistant coating prevents fading and discoloration. In summer, when heating equipment is idle, the Lubi doesn’t overheat because heat escapes through the collector and doesn’t pose an additional cooling load to the building.

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