solar collectorAn efficient and lightweight rooftop solar hot-air collector — the Luba™ GL — is designed for supplemental outside air heating in commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. Patented by Solarventi Ltd., the technology has a maximum thermal output of 247 Btuh/square foot (780-W/square meter) and airflow of 6 to 12-cfm per 112 (l) by 36 (h) by 8 (d)-inch collector. It features a lightweight twin-wall, ¼-inch-thick (10-mm) polycarbonate glazing and 26.4-square-foot (2.5-square meter) black aluminum backpanel. The Luba GL’s backpanel perforations transpire air from outside to within the collector from the backside, which reduces heat loss. The perforations are covered by a thin, lightweight layer of filtering and heat absorbing felt. The modular Luba GL is installed in series and connects directly to a manifold that feeds a bypass/mixing box for the building’s HVAC system and can provide up to 15 to 30 percent of outside air heating requirements depending on geography and weather. The unit’s payback can range from one to several years depending on geographical location, climate conditions, heating application, government tax advantages, utility incentives, and other factors. Rack mounts can be custom-designed to fit any pitch degree specification and are weather resistant and protected from UV deterioration. According to third-party rating agency Canadian Standards Association-International (CSA), it has a 1.06 performance rating.

Enerconcept Technologies Inc.

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