WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. - In May, Ruud distributor McCall’s Supply Inc. opened a new Prostock location in West Columbia, S.C., marking the 200th Prostock location nationwide since Rheem pioneered the concept in 2001.

Prostock, part of the Rheem family of brands, provides retail locations for contractors to quickly and easily find Rheem and Ruud parts and supplies. McCall’s owns 15 stores throughout South Carolina, two stores in North Carolina, and one store in Savannah, Ga. McCall’s partnered with Rheem in 2011 to convert the West Columbia store into a Prostock location.

“The synergies between McCall’s Supply Inc. and Rheem are quite amazing; we both began as family-owned businesses with a passion for providing unprecedented service to contractors. It’s fitting that we celebrate our 200th Prostock store opening with them at our side,” said Don Harter, general manager of Rheem Sales Co. “The West Columbia store is designed to meet the needs of local contractors by creating a bright, helpful, self-service retail showroom that allows them to purchase needed parts and supplies so they can get back to the jobsite.”

Prostock stores provide HVAC replacement and aftermarket parts and supplies directly from Rheem. Designed specifically for qualified HVAC professionals, Prostock stores allow Rheem to forge partnerships with key distributors to effectively meet the replacement part needs of local contractors.

“The Prostock model helps McCall’s create a professional, shopper friendly environment customized for the specific needs of HVAC contractors,” said Michael Brant, branch operations manager, McCall’s Supply Inc. “The West Columbia Prostock store is a new concept for us, and I’m already pleased with the highly visual and organized format of the store. We’re confident that area contractors will benefit from having access to all the replacement and aftermarket parts that they may need.”

The store is located at 1018 Meeting Street in West Columbia, S.C. It is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (ET), Monday through Friday. More information can be found at www.mccallsinc.com.

Publication date:08/01/2011