The WhisperSense™ ventilation fans - FV-08VQC5, FV-11VQC5, FV-08VQCL5, and FV-11VQCL5 models - are Energy Star®-rated. According to the manufacturer, the fans meet green building control requirements, are easy to install, and are the only vent fans on the market to incorporate a dual motion and humidity sensor for ultimate IAQ. The SmartAction™ motion sensor with delay-off timer activates the WhisperSense when a person enters the bathroom and automatically shuts the fan off 20 minutes after the occupant has left. If the occupant has taken a shower or bath, the built-in humidity sensor overrides the delay timer and continues to exhaust moisture until the humidity is back down to the preset level. Since humidity levels vary depending on climate, the humidity sensor has adjustable settings so the contractor or builder can adjust set points between 30-90 percent rh. The 80- to 110-cfm models can be used for renovation projects, since the fans include the manufacturer’s Dual Duct Adapter, which gives the contractor the ability to install the fan in a 4- or 6-inch duct without having to purchase an additional adapter. Models FV-08VQCL5 and FV-11VQCL5 feature contemporary flush-mount grilles that incorporate a 32-W Energy Star-rated CFL light fixture and a 4-W night light.

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