MILWAUKEE - Johnson Controls announced a realignment of its Unitary Products field sales organization in North America.

According to Brian Hawthorne, vice president of sales and marketing, Unitary Products, the realignment will allow the field sales force to focus resources on task-specific customer needs. “By realigning field sales into four task-specific roles, we’ll have the ability to focus our efforts in a manner that will enhance the customer experience,” Hawthorne said.

The new roles will be regional sales manager, regional account manager, regional marketing manager and regional technical service manager. Those roles will concentrate on traditional field sales activities, such as new customer acquisition and existing customer growth and development.

Hawthorne noted that the realignment will combine the sales activity of finished goods equipment with the fast-growing area of aftermarket parts and supplies.

“As a result, our sales force will be better equipped to handle all of our customers’ needs,” Hawthorne said. “Customers will receive focused attention that will help them maximize their purchasing power, relying on a partner - Johnson Controls - that can supply nearly 80 percent of their overall requirements for HVAC equipment, parts, and supplies.”

Hawthorne noted that the realignment applies to all Unitary Products brands, including York®, Coleman®, Luxaire®, and Source 1® HVAC Service Parts. Customers of those brands are currently served by representatives in the field sales organization.

The realignment will be fully in place by mid-summer 2011, Hawthorne said. Customers with questions about the realignment should contact their regional account manager.

Publication date:07/25/2011