INDIANAPOLIS - ICOR International Inc. has released a new educational video via YouTube and Facebook. The video, “R-22 System Conversions Made Simple,” focuses on the proper procedures for converting existing R-22 designed systems to ICOR’s non-ozone depleting NU-22B® (R-422B) refrigerant.

“Estimates are that in 2019 there will be nearly 20 million R-22 designed systems still in operation and, of course, maintaining those systems will require millions of pounds of refrigerant,” said Gordon McKinney, ICOR vice president. “Refrigerant users and equipment owners are preparing today for a time in the very near future when soaring R-22 prices and supply shortfalls make alternatives like NU-22B the only practical option for maintaining an existing R-22 system. Our new educational video will reach thousands of HVACR professionals that are now using the Internet as their primary information source and will help to simplify the conversion process,” said McKinney.

The company has plans to release a second educational video this summer that focuses on their non-ozone depleting alternative for low-temperature applications, ONE SHOT® - C (R-422C).

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Publication date:08/01/2011