The Aston Series geothermal heat pumps feature highly efficient, reliable Copeland Scroll™ compressors paired with variable-speed ECM blower motors to ensure precisely controlled comfort, quiet operation, and energy savings. Available in 2- to 6-ton capacities, the series is Energy Star®-rated and features a corrosion-resistant air coil that increases equipment life. Its large size improves efficiency and provides better dehumidification during cooling, the company says. A durable powder-coat finish is standard for long-lasting beauty and protection. The unit is fully insulated with a cleanable, foil-backed insulation, helping to provide quiet operation. A simplified microprocessor control sequences components during operation for optimum performance and provides easy-to-use troubleshooting features with fault lights and onboard diagnostics. An optional hot-water generator allows the Aston Series to preheat water and deliver it to a water heater. In heating mode, water is heated at the efficiency of the unit. In cooling mode, the heat from the home is transferred to the water heater rather than the ground, providing free hot water.


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