The wireless HVAC Guide® System Analyzer, Model HG3, is a wireless system analyzer that leads technicians step-by-step through critical tests including target evaporator exit temp, target superheat, superheat, subcooling, combustion, and the CheckMe!® diagnostics program. This new system turns any of the Fieldpiece accessory heads into wireless test meters. The unit is the third-generation HVAC Guide System Analyzer and now includes tests for cfm and data logging, and also has a display switch position to easily read results directly from any accessory head. A tech attaches accessory heads to the test points and collects and analyzes all the test data on the system analyzer. As a tech makes adjustments to the system, the analyzer will continue to collect the data in real time, for easy analysis. Up to 12 parameters can be measured wirelessly at one time and sent to the HG3, for live viewing and analysis. The HG3 displays the diagnosis on the output form in simple terms such as, “Undercharged. Add refrigerant until superheat reaches the target superheat,” so the technician can explain the problem to homeowners in easy terms. The analyzer uses cfm measurements from up to 13 grilles to calculate total cfm.

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