Flex Seal is an NFPA 90A-compliant, mildew-resistant coating that permanently protects surfaces from degradation. It can be applied to HVAC ductwork, interior walls, insulation, wood, concrete-masonry, and metal surfaces. Bioflex is an EPA-registered fungicidal coating that permanently protects surfaces from mold-related contamination. The coating can be applied to interior walls, insulation, wood, concrete-masonry and metal surfaces. Both Flex Seal and Bioflex offer limited downtime, due to low odor emissions and a fast drying time. Ductile is a low viscosity coating that permanently protects HVAC ductwork from degradation and insulation de-lamination. Ductile is specifically formulated for use in robotic air duct sprayers, making it easy to apply. Ductile is a complete encapsulate, locking down fiberglass particles that can enter the airstream. All three coatings make future cleanings easier because they are scrubbable, and can quickly be wiped down.

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