The Route multivehicle route planning, optimization, and scheduling system has been enhanced with new advanced business analysis tools. The tools expedite the integration of customer requirements into the software, and build intelligent routes that take into consideration such variables as driver schedules, customer delivery windows, and customer preferences. Additionally, this Software-as-a-Service system bundles routing and dispatching functionality from Fleet and GeoBase into a single application for strategic and dynamic planning. The Route now checks all integrated systems for inconsistencies in data that could create routing problems, such as deliveries being requested outside of a time any drivers are scheduled to work. The new version also features exporting functions for use in business intelligence tools and leading software programs to analyze routes. This allows companies to compare the quantitative metrics of various route scenarios and make intelligent business decisions based on the data. Business rules such as delivery windows, driver skill set, and specialty vehicle equipment are modeled along with costing factors such as fuel economy, driver rate, and job revenue to calculate optimal schedules.

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