The LER™ module and LER™ motor recover energy usually lost in condensing water from air in the evaporator. The LER (latent energy recovery) module can be added to an existing PSC motor and save the homeowner 13 percent in hot/dry climates, while the LER motor can replace an existing PSC motor and save the homeowner 28 percent in hot/dry climates, according to the company. The module helps existing fan motors and a/c systems use less electricity. It is a simple modification that techs install that enables any a/c unit to recapture the latent energy usually lost due to condensation. The highly efficient LER motor is designed with a built-in ability to recapture latent energy normally lost due to condensation. The motor uses sophisticated ECM electronics to allow for precision control of electricity consumption for greater efficiency. It also has climate adaptive controls that help maximize dehumidification in humid climates. A CheckMe! Service can be performed with the HG2 HVAC Guide® system analyzer either on current systems or after installation of the LER module or motor. The service walks techs through an a/c efficiency tuneup, and tells techs exactly how to tune the system to its maximum efficiency.

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