ANAHEIM, Calif. - Fieldpiece On Site, a new division of Fieldpiece Instruments, manufacturer of tools and test equipment for HVACR, has announced the introduction of three options for contractors to upgrade customers’ air conditioning efficiency and help them save energy and money.

Two are installed products - the LER™ Module and LER™ Motor. LER stands for latent energy recovery. Both products recover energy usually lost in condensing water from air in the evaporator. The LER Module can be added to an existing PSC motor and save the homeowner 13 percent in hot/dry climates, said the company. The LER Motor can replace an existing PSC motor and save the homeowner 28 percent in hot/dry climates, the company said. The contractor may also add a Check Me!® tuneup using the Fieldpiece HG2 HVAC Guide® System Analyzer to save, on average, an additional 13 percent.

Combine the LER Motor with Check Me! test and save up to 37 percent in hot dry climates, noted Fieldpiece. The Motor and the CheckMe! test can be sold individually or together, to help generate more business for the contractor and supply a more efficient a/c system for the homeowner.

LER Module:The first option is to install the LER Module, which helps existing fan motors and a/c systems use less electricity in hot dry climates. This module is said to be a simple modification that technicians install that enables an air conditioner to recapture the latent energy usually lost due to condensation. It should cost the consumer less than $150 while saving 13 percent off the air conditioning portion of the homeowner’s electric bill.

LER Motor:The second option is to replace the homeowner’s inefficient PSC fan motor with the new high-efficiency LER Motor. According to the company, the Fieldpiece On Site LER Motor is the only replacement motor with the built-in ability to recapture latent energy normally lost due to condensation. Replacing older fan motors with the new LER Motor can save homeowners up to 28 percent on electricity cooling costs.

While traditional fan motors are inefficient at regular speeds and extremely inefficient at low speeds, the Fieldpiece LER Motor uses sophisticated ECM electronics to allow for precision control of electricity consumption for greater efficiency, the company said. Because filters work better at low speeds and the LER motor is efficient at low speeds, the motor can cost-effectively run for long periods taking dust and allergens out of the air. The LER Motor also has climate adaptive controls that help maximize dehumidification in humid climates.

CheckMe! Service:The third option is to perform a CheckMe! Service with the Fieldpiece HG2 HVAC Guide System Analyzer, either to current systems, or after installation of the LER Module or LER Motor. The CheckMe! Service walks technicians step-by-step through an a/c efficiency tuneup, and tells technicians exactly how to tune the system to its maximum efficiency. The LER Motor installation combined with a CheckMe! Service tune-up can lead to 37 percent savings on an electric bill when running the a/c.

“Since approximately 60 percent of yearly electricity consumption is due to a/c operation in the summer months, the Fieldpiece On Site LER Module and LER Motor provide affordable alternatives to help combat high electricity bills,” said Travis Ault, general manager, Fieldpiece On Site. “Contractors can give customers what they want - cleaner, more comfortable air and lower electricity bills - while increasing their own revenue by selling and installing these units.”

Fieldpiece said the LER products and CheckMe! Service are supported by some of the largest utility companies, including Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and St Louis-based Ameren Corp. (AEE) in the form of rebates and tax credits.

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Publication date:02/14/2011