The LEAF™ (Low Energy Air Filtration) Series HEPA filters utilize a winged fiber media that provides the surface area of microfibers with the strength, flexibility, and processability of standard fibers, says the company. The fiber is macro in size, but provides nanofiber performance through its unusual geometric design. The HEPA filters offer very low pressure resistance, high dust-holding capacity, extremely high moisture tolerance, and improved endurance, resulting in excellent lifecycle performance. The filters (minimum 99.97 percent efficiency at 0.3 microns) are available in aluminum separator pack style with standard frame material options: aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, wood. Both standard dimensional sizes and custom configurations in 3 inches, 5.875 inches, and 11.5 inches in depth can be ordered. Headers with or without gel seals can be fabricated as well as knife edges and other custom designs.

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