ATLANTA - Building upon its 2009 Net-Zero Energy Conference, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is holding the High Performance Buildings Conference: A Focus on Deep Energy Savings, March 12-13, 2012, in Mission Valley, Calif.

This conference will guide building design professionals, building owner/managers, building operating staff, and government officials about what works and what doesn’t when tackling major improvements in energy efficiency, renewable applications, and operating practices. With an attendance limited to 300, the conference will allow an exchange of ideas and dialogue to facilitate understanding of current energy-saving efforts, share best practices, and to establish an action plan to substantially improve energy efficiency in buildings.

The conference will offer two tracks: (1) a technical applications track focusing on strategies, technologies, tools, measured performance, and optimal operations, and (2) a policy track with a focus on current and future legislation and related programs in the areas of standards, performance rating and labeling, disclosure laws, etc. The conference’s target facilities include both existing and new construction nonresidential buildings. Case studies, especially from the region, are requested.

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Publication date:06/20/2011