A ventilation unit for year-round moisture control is available. The unit comes with a computerized sensor system that includes a dehumidistat and dew point sensors that evaluate the ventilation and replenishment process, continually assessing the changes in relative humidity, temperature, and overall air trend patterns in the home. The unit expels moist, contaminant-laden air out of the home from the lowest point (basements and crawl spaces) where there is the highest level of relative humidity and pollutants. It will then replenish it with healthier, fresher, and drier air. The ventilation unit substantially reduces the moisture levels, depriving the biological contaminants of the necessary nutrients to thrive and will diminish them, thereby minimizing causes of ailments and the triggers for allergic reactions. It will optimize performance by ventilating at a high rate as warranted and then reduce to maintenance mode after conditions have improved. The relative humidity decreases by extracting moisture and replenishing with a warmer air mass that lowers relative humidity.

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