The Maytag 3.5-, 4-, and 5-ton 13 SEER air conditioning units with R-410A have been updated with micro-channel all-aluminum coil technology. According to the manufacturer, all-aluminum micro-channel coils will resist corrosion much better than conventional tube-in-fin coils because of the single-metal design. The condensing units are up to 8 inches shorter than their tube-in-fin predecessors, making them lighter to handle and easier to install, the company says. The coils are easy to clean and can withstand the use of a power washer. Swept-wing fan blades, sound reducing bases, and compressor blankets contribute to extra quiet performance. The air conditioning units feature the Copeland Scroll™ compressor and brushed stainless steel cabinets and doors.

Nordyne, St. Louis, MO;

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