SAN RAMON, Calif. - ClimateTalk Alliance is developing an advisory group to help it reach its goal of the creation of an open communication standard, to drive interoperability between devices in order to keep up with the demands of the Smart Grid and consumer push for connectivity.

“With this advisory group, ClimateTalk Alliance will bring several key players together to help drive the market forward,” said Tim England, chair of the ClimateTalk Advisory Group. “Industry supported-communication standards reduce the cost and risk of developing proprietary standards, decrease the need for wholesalers to carry duplicate inventories, and increase productivity and profitability for dealers.”

The Advisory Group is a proactive communication channel that enables members to stay informed while also providing a mechanism to provide observations, advice, and influence the development of the ClimateTalk standards. Membership is extended by invitation to key industry leaders from HVAC industry associations, equipment manufacturers, and channel partners as well as adjacent industries with expertise in the Smart Grid and connectivity solutions. By providing a formal mechanism to ensure an inclusive environment, the Alliance hopes to frame a long-term solution that invites innovation and competitiveness similar to other industries that have thrived under the adoption of an open standard.

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Publication date:01/31/2011