For those HVAC contractors looking to network with allied professionals for referrals or subcontracting, there’s no better place than the Indoor Air Expo.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Contractors have looked forward to attending the Indoor Air Expo, a collaboration between the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) and the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA), for several years. This year, a new partner has been added - the Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA), which will hold its annual meeting at the same time as the other two organizations - Feb. 15 to 17 - and also share the Indoor Air Expo.

“We are thrilled to have RPA partner with IAQA and ACCA for the 2011 Indoor Air Expo in San Antonio,” said Glenn Fellman, executive director, IAQA. “As our society turns to innovative and alternative sources of heating and cooling, the effect of those building systems on indoor air quality has to be factored into the equation. IAQA members will benefit by learning about radiant panel products, and RPA members will benefit by learning about indoor environmental issues. It’s a win-win-win partnership for everyone.”

Paul T. Stalknecht, president and CEO, ACCA, added, “The Indoor Air Expo has grown significantly since ACCA and IAQA have joined together. Adding RPA just made sense because we are creating the biggest source of education, networking, and learning opportunities available for all of our members. We are thrilled about expanding the expo and having so many contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers in one place at one time.”

“In fact, having all these resources in one place at one time is a wonderful opportunity for HVAC contractors who need to explore new technologies and different ways to go to market in order to survive,” said John Sedine, president, Engineered Heating and Cooling, Grand Rapids, Mich., and the 2010-2011 ACCA national chairman.

“The economy, political issues, and the move to green renewable energy are forcing us to think out of the box. When times are good, contractors don’t think they need as much help, but when things change, they realize they do. ACCA has always been the place to go for technical information as well as contractor networking opportunities, and now co-locating with IAQA and RPA makes this conference bigger and better than ever. Contractors see the real value in the opportunities and information that are available in San Antonio, making it a can’t miss event.”


Attending the Indoor Air Expo is a great opportunity for contractors, as it provides them with access to information they otherwise couldn’t find under one roof, noted Fellman. “Not only does the expo attract all of the major HVAC manufacturers and related HVAC vendors, but it brings together the leading manufacturers of IAQ instruments, laboratory services, and other indoor environmental vendors. For contractors who are looking to diversify into IAQ products or services, the Indoor Air Expo provides a phenomenal opportunity. And for those HVAC contractors simply looking to network with allied professionals for referrals or subcontracting, there’s no better place than the Indoor Air Expo.”

Exhibitors at the expo, such as Goodman Global Group, agree that the experience is valuable for vendors as well as contractors. “The Indoor Air Expo offers us the opportunity to meet hundreds of contractors who have previously installed - or are considering the installation of - our products,” said Darren Sheehan, commercial products manager, Goodman Global Group Inc.

“The expo also functions as an idea laboratory for our company: contractors can tell us why they are loyal to our products and suggest options for future product enhancements. The expo allows us to gather a diverse audience to review our product line. And, of course, we want to make certain that everyone is aware of the many features and benefits that our products deliver to contractors.”

At this year’s expo, Goodman will display its complete line of commercial products that extends to 20 tons. “Contractors will be able to view how several of the Goodman commercial units fit exactly on an existing curb, saving installation time for the contractor and money for their customer,” said Sheehan.

Alan Manufacturing Inc., Wooster, Ohio, is another manufacturer that enjoys attending the Indoor Air Expo. “Exhibiting there allows us to explain the advantages of our products directly to those who use similar products of our competitors,” said Richard A. Bluestone, president, Alan Manufacturing.

At this year’s expo, Alan Manufacturing will be highlighting its green products, which include wireless zone control dampers, gasketed dampers, and occupancy sensors. Bluestone noted that these offerings will provide contractors with the opportunity to sell products to consumers that will save them money.

Attending the Indoor Air Expo is a great opportunity for contractors, as it provides them with access to information they otherwise couldn’t find under one roof.


As noted previously, IAQA and RPA will hold their annual meetings at the same time as ACCA. At the RPA conference, a wide range of classes will be offered, including AIA approved full day classes for Radiant I (basic installer), Radiant II (advanced installer) and Radiant Precision (designer), as well as Radiant Architecture.

“In addition, we will be offering seminar-length technical sessions in such topics as installing radiant with wood floors; options for ultra high efficiency/zero energy buildings; introduction and advanced new hydronics; Internet-based integrated building controls; and integrating radiant with solar and geothermal systems,” said Ted Lowe, executive director, RPA. In addition, RPA will offer classes in the use of web and social media for today’s business and the effect of margin on profit.

The theme of IAQA’s 14th Annual Meeting is “The Summit for Healthy Home and Healthy Building Professionals.” As Fellman noted, “All across the country, from federal government officials to grassroots activists, Americans are focusing more than ever on designing and maintaining healthy homes and buildings. IAQA has been at the heart of this effort from the very beginning.”

At this meeting, the association will offer a program that includes innovative technical sessions and panel discussions. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet the renowned educators, industry experts and government officials with whom IAQA has partnered on Healthy Home and Building efforts, stated Fellman.

Publication date:02/14/2011