Trane and Pearson Mechanical donated equipment and labor to the Merriman family to create a home free of triggers or particulates that aggravate their two-year-old son’s condition.

TYLER, Texas - Trane Residential Solutions and Arlington, Texas-based Trane dealer Pearson Mechanical teamed up to provide state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning equipment for the Merriman family of Highland Village, Texas. The family is dealing with high medical bills and needed to upgrade their heating and air conditioning system to one that provides an environment free from triggers or particulates that could aggravate their two-year-old son’s condition. His name is Jackson, and he suffers from an MRSA brain infection and an extremely rare immune deficiency, which together have required numerous surgeries, lengthy hospital stays, a bone marrow transplant, and ongoing at-home treatment.

Pearson Mechanical decided to step in because Trane offers a whole-house air cleaner that removes up to 99.98 percent of all the particles and allergens from the filtered air. “When Stacey Pearson of Pearson Mechanical told us about this family’s difficult situation, we were delighted to step up and help,” said Craig Denard, Trane’s inside sales leader in Carrollton, Texas. “This boy has had a tough time of it so far, and we were in a position to make it better for him. It was a nice chance to do something for a community member in need.”

To get Jackson the air quality he needed, Trane donated a five-ton XL20i gas split system, variable-speed furnace, evaporator coil, and a Trane CleanEffects™ whole-house air cleaner. In addition to installing the equipment, Pearson Mechanical replaced all ductwork, grilles, and registers.

Pearson Mechanical has a long history of supporting community causes, including its own Greg Pearson Foundation, the Fort Worth Ronald McDonald House, and the American Cancer Society, so the company was eager to chip in to help Jackson.

In addition to the improved air quality, the boy’s father, Doug Merriman, was grateful that the new, highly efficient system will mean lower energy bills. “Of course, the hard part has been seeing Jackson deal with this illness, but the medical bills have added a financial dimension to the difficulty,” Merriman said. “The equipment Trane and Pearson Mechanical so graciously provided will mean significantly lower energy bills, and that will really help.”

Publication date:01/17/2011