LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Midea America collaborated with Warner Bros. Discovery on “Project Homestead,” a short documentary showcasing a home renovation at Willow Ranch, a residential facility near Willow, Alaska, operated by Hope Community Resources, which provides support to adults with disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, mental health challenges, and complex medical conditions.

The documentary, just over 15 minutes, can be seen here.

Viewers will witness the transformation of a house on the Willow Ranch property, home to four residents supported by Hope Community Resources. The collaborative efforts of Midea, Warner Bros. Discovery, Hope Community Resources, and local contractors and volunteers provided an all-expenses-paid home renovation.

“Project Homestead” shows the installation of various Midea appliances and an energy-efficient, cold-climate heat-pump system, which will warm the Willow Ranch home for years, a press release from Midea said. Willow, with its extreme climate, serves as the backdrop for the project, highlighting the importance of warm, energy-efficient living environments, Midea’s press release said.

Hosted by Jeff Thorman, a seasoned general contractor and the face of the YouTube channel Home RenoVision DIY, the film explores how a home renovation can positively impact the lives of people in need.

“I am thoroughly impressed with the exceptional performance of Midea’s cold-climate heat-pump system, especially in the challenging harsh winter conditions of Alaska,” said Thorman. “Having been in the home renovation industry for 25 years, I have a deep appreciation for innovative technologies that not only provide essential comforts but do so in an energy-efficient and cost-effective manner. Midea’s system is a testament to what modern engineering can achieve — delivering reliable heating even in extreme cold, which is a game-changer for regions like Alaska.”