LAS VEGAS - McQuay International is previewing the new 700-ton Daikin McQuay® Magnitude™ centrifugal chiller with oil-free, magnetic bearing design. The chiller is said to be ideal for use in universities, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and data centers.

“The larger 700-ton units are a natural evolution of magnetic bearing compressor technology and makes the benefits of this technology available to a larger range of applications,” said Ray Good, director of chiller product management for McQuay. “This oil-free technology increases reliability and reduces maintenance because there are no conventional bearings and hence no oil management system and associated maintenance costs. In a typical chiller, oil builds up in the evaporator, reducing energy efficiency up to 15 percent. As a result of its higher sustainable operating efficiency and reduced maintenance, the Magnitude chiller delivers a lower cost of ownership compared to conventional centrifugal chillers.”

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