The next generation of the factory-installed energy recovery system, EnergyX, is available on all sizes of Centurion packaged rooftop units, ranging from 2 to 25 tons, complete with environmentally sound Puron® refrigerant. The energy recovery system offers several important benefits, including the ability to downsize the base rooftop unit while increasing the ventilation air quantity and providing excellent system efficiencies. The factory-installed system has demonstrated Combined Efficiency Factors (CEF) as high as 22 (as calculated per Air-Conditioning Heating Refrigeration Institute Guideline V). According to the manufacturer, CEF is the equivalent of an energy efficiency ratio (EER) when the EER is calculated for a rooftop unit and energy recovery system. The energy recovery system incorporates a high-efficiency, rotary, silica gel desiccant-coated energy recovery wheel. Because it is factory installed, EnergyX incorporates the benefits of energy recovery - high system efficiencies, variable-speed blowers, and additional capacities - into a unit extending no more than 26 inches from the standard Centurion system; no additional curb or rail support is needed.

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