The Zand-Air PCOC™3 medical laboratory photocatalytic air purifier employs molecular-free radicals to attack bacteria (MRSA), viruses, fungi/molds, and volatile organic compounds. Designed to be retrofitted into existing ductwork or air-handling units to eliminate airborne pathogens as well as odors caused by organic compounds, these units perform 24/7 in hospitals, labs, schools, and commercial buildings. While the photocatalytic process is very fast, the number of individual photocatalytic actions occurring in the photocatalytic oxidizing (PCO) chamber are multiple and very complex. The efficiency of the process is therefore increased by placing three such PCO chambers sequentially in a single frame, thus increasing the ‘dwelling time’ of the airstream through the air purifier equipment. Placing several PCOC units sequentially increases the dwelling time for the UV light interaction with the photocatalyst, thus multiplying the decomposition of VOCs and pathogens.

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