The Wrist Reporter™ (patent pending) is a portable instrument worn on the user’s wrist displaying real-time data from battery-operated remote probes, leaving a busy field technician’s hands free to grasp tools or adjust a control knob. A family of probes is designed to be placed precisely at or on the point of interest. For instance, a tiny probe (less than 2 inches on a side) can be clipped to the vanes of a ceiling diffuser and make temperature and humidity measurements every 2 seconds, while the technician wears a display on his wrist that shows the results in real time as he climbs a ladder and adjusts the damper or fan speed. Difficult placements are accomplished with the help of small clips, magnets, Velcro, or adhesive strips. The storing of readings is hands-free - a slight squeeze of the user’s thumb against another wearable module, the Thumbswitch (patent pending), stores the current reading. Up to 20,000 measurements can be stored with timestamps, and uploaded to a PC spreadsheet. The Wrist Reporter can display four readings simultaneously from four different sensing probes. Two or more technicians can wear Wrist Reporters to share data, even when in different rooms.

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