LEESBURG, Va. - REHAU has announced two new strategic alliances, with Avenir Software Inc. and Climate Automation Systems (CAS). The company also announced the creation of a new construction services department.

According to the company, the alliance with Avenir Software is to develop the REHAU LoopCAD® PRO 2011 and REHAU LoopCAD 2011 nongraphical design software. The software will be specifically engineered for designing REHAU radiant heating and snow and ice melting systems.

“Our alliance with Avenir will enable us to round out our comprehensive package of system design, delivery, and service capabilities with a software solution that is more universally accessible across technical associates, distributors, contractors, and our REHAU sales office support staff,” said Jonathan Bittenbender, engineering manager, building technologies at REHAU. “As many of our customers are already familiar with Avenir’s basic LoopCAD software, we expect quick assimilation to both versions of the new REHAU LoopCAD design solution, and a more streamlined overall integration of design and engineering services among our customer base.”

The strategic alliance with Climate Automation Systems is to market the new web-enabled REHAU Smart Controls System, the company said. The advanced interior comfort control system is designed to facilitate the integrated operation of residential building technologies, including radiant heating and cooling systems and solar and renewable energy sources, to promote an optimal balance of comfort and energy efficiency.

REHAU also announced the creation of a new construction services department dedicated to addressing the needs of its construction industry customers using renewable energy, HVAC, and fenestration systems. The department will deliver services including design engineering, channel management, and professional training, all aimed toward elevating customer success in providing integrated, optimized sustainable building technologies, said the company.

For more information, visit www.na.rehau.com/construction.

Publication date:03/07/2011