This roundup of some of the latest duct products and duct cleaning products, provides residential and commercial contractors with simple options to perform the tasks associated with maintaining proper duct systems.


Ductmate® Industries’ Sandwich® Style Access Doors, including the Ultimate II door, can be inserted and removed in minutes for inspection and cleaning with no special tools. Like Ductmate’s full menu of access doors, Sandwich doors are engineered to meet the most stringent contractor and inspector requirements, and always look polished and professional. With options for rectangular or round duct, low or high temperatures, and even UL-listed duct systems, Ductmate says there’s a Sandwich for every occasion.

Ductmate® Industries’ Sandwich® Style access doors, part of a full menu of access doors.

The Ductmate UL 1978-listed grease duct access door is the Ultimate Sandwich. This heavy-duty 11 gauge sandwich-style door, with minimal protrusion into the airstream, completely removes for thorough cleaning. There are no frames to install, no holes to drill, and no welding is required. Insulation kits are available for use with zero-clearance insulation systems. The weld-on door can be installed inside or outside the duct, and is available with or without a hinge.

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SimpleSox™ is a fabric HVAC duct system from DuctSox.


DuctSox, a fabric HVAC duct systems manufacturer, now offers SimpleSox™. According to the company, SimpleSox is the HVAC industry’s first field-adjustable, modular, configurable, and fully-stocked fabric duct air dispersion system for smaller, non-plan/specification ventilation applications. SimpleSox systems are simple to design, 40 to 80 percent quicker to install, and 25 percent less expensive than conventional metal duct/register systems, said the company.

The UL-approved SimpleSox consists of round 15-, 5-, and 1.5-foot modular lengths of white polyester-woven, non-porous fabric ranging in five diameters of 12, 16, 20, 24, and 28 inches that accommodate up to 6,000 cfm per run. The system’s versatility is based on the patented, two-foot-wide Adjustable Air Outlet (AAO), a four-orifice component that can be zippered anywhere into the duct run and offer a variety of throw distances, volume, and directional capabilities comparable to metal duct/register systems.

Supplementary components consist of an inlet collar, adjustable flow device (for turbulence), 90-degree elbow, and endcap that are fully stocked and available for same-day delivery from DuctSox’s North American manufacturers representative network, or next-day delivery via online or telephone ordering. Quick delivery makes SimpleSox a fast and reusable air comfort solution to emergency situations, temporary structures, and non-permanent installations.

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KV Bracket is part of Duro Dyne’s Dyna-Tite product line.


Cable locks and wire rope have been sweeping the HVAC market as the newest and fastest way to secure ductwork and equipment. This method has been shown to reduce installation time and improve safety at the jobsite when compared to traditional hanging methods such as band iron, perforated strap, and threaded rod, said the company. Duro Dyne’s Dyna-Tite product line encompasses everything needed to successfully hang ductwork, including three different size cable locks with working loads up to 640 pounds, and a variety of accessories to accommodate virtually any application.

Duro Dyne’s latest breakthrough is the KV Bracket. The KV Bracket enhances the Dyna-Tite suspension system by the addition of an integral bracket, which fastens the cable lock to the duct with sheet metal screws. Once the KV bracket is attached to the duct, the wire rope “drop” is passed into the entry hole at the top of the bracket, through the cable lock, and out the exit hole at the bottom. The locking teeth inside the cable lock engage the wire rope and secure the ductwork in place.

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McGill AirFlow Corporation’s access doors can be used for a variety of applications.


McGill AirFlow Corp.’s access doors provide a convenient way to reach or inspect fire dampers and other equipment located inside of a duct system. To meet the needs of a variety of applications, McGill offers three types of access doors: standard-bolted, hinged, or pressure relief.

Standard-bolted access doors are available in galvanized steel, stainless steel (type 304 or 316), and aluminum constructions. They can be supplied loose or manifolded to the duct. Hinged and pressure-relief access doors are available in galvanized steel, cold rolled, stainless steel (type 304 or 316), and aluminum constructions. They can be supplied loose, manifolded to the duct, or attached to fitting bodies.

According to the company, McGill AirFlow ductwork products are “manufactured to the highest standards and quality” to produce low leakage duct and fittings with the lowest loss coefficients to make for a better system performance. Access doors provide access to controls, coils, fans, fire dampers, etc., and for cleaning.

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Super Collector E1.5 Portable Vacuum Collection System from Vac Systems is designed for many applications.


The Super Collector E1.5 Portable Vacuum Collection System from Vac Systems is designed for residential, apartment, condo, marine, and light commercial air duct cleaning projects. It delivers excellent performance, portability, and low operating and owning costs.

The 1.5 hp motor and 3,500 cfm (free air) fan delivers excellent performance (suction) to maximize productivity. At 115 pounds, the E1.5 measures 20 inches (w) by 29 inches (l) by 42 inches (h) size with stair sliders and 10-inch wheels. It delivers one-person portability for quick set-up and take down. The cleanable pre-filter can reduce operating costs, saving $400 to $1,000 per year. According to the company, this gives the E1.5 the “lowest operating cost and lowest cost of ownership compared to competitive units in this class.” For added peace of mind, the E1.5 comes with a two-year warranty and a money back performance guarantee (a Vac Systems International exclusive).

The Super Collector E1.5 comes with a 10-inch-by-25-foot flex hose, a 10-inch-to-10-inch hose coupler, and a 25-foot power cord. Available options include wheel kit for the handle and outside exhaust kit.

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Publication date: 10/04/2010