EXPORT, Pa. - American Auto-Matrix has announced a partnership with MAMAC Systems Inc., Minneapolis, and IP Controls Center, Niagara Falls, N.Y., to bring IP-based HVAC and energy control solutions to the building automation systems marketplace through the addition of the AspectFT Energy Control Solution to the Maverick product line.

According to the companies, through the use of the AspectFT Control Engine, users obtain the ability to collect large amounts of data produced by a virtually limitless number of Maverick devices in a safe, secure, and centralized location that only requires the Maverick as local hardware at each location and Aspect Facilitating Technology (AspectFT) in a location of the customer’s choice. Then, through the use of any standard web browser, users can view and manipulate their data for reduced energy consumption and savings.

Used with the Maverick product line, AspectFT is said to offer robust features, adding even more capabilities. For example, a single set-point change can be sent to any number of Maverick devices with the click of a button; custom graphics, trend logs, and applications can be created and served to give views of data in a number of combinations; data received from all of the devices is stored in MySQL tables and thereby accessible to a variety of programs designed for data mining applications (programs like Microsoft® Excel and Crystal Reports™); the MySQL functionality is also read/write enabled, meaning integration to other applications utilizing open databases can be accomplished without additional drivers.

“In addition to the convenience created through the marriage of these technologies, AspectFT also harnesses powerful web technologies common in everyday life to assist in the reduction of the learning curve associated with complicated building and energy management systems,” said Paul Jordan, CTO of American Auto-Matrix. Technologies like Google™ Calendar, Microsoft Outlook 2007, Apple® iCal, and over 45 other programs using the iCalendar protocol can be used to schedule an entire building; RSS feeds can be received from AspectFT with critical building data going directly to e-mail, a user’s desktop, or to a smart device like a phone or PDA; building data can also be viewed directly from a smart device via the onboard web browser with Simple Mobile Web access; in addition, facilities can utilize web services like weather prediction to control the building more effectively; users can also receive and send information to their building through Twitter™.

“Our goal,” said S. Asim Gul, founder, president, and CEO of MAMAC Systems, “is to put the benefits of remote building sensing, control, and energy metering within the reach of everyone. Until now, building control and energy metering systems have been complex, expensive, and difficult to understand and use. The Maverick products are aimed at owners of small and medium sized buildings that desire to remotely monitor and control building climate conditions, but cannot justify the expenditure for a complex automation system, or the staffing to learn to use and maintain such systems. With the addition of the AspectFT Energy Control Solution, the Maverick becomes an almost infinitely scalable product that still fits our intended market sector in a manner that adheres to the philosophies behind the development of the Maverick line.”

Currently the AspectFT solution for Maverick is offered in North America exclusively through www.ipcontrolscenter.com with availability of the product through multiple channels planned for later this year. Multiple integration models are available, from hosted solutions (available soon) that eliminate the need for onsite dedicated IT resources, to customer owned solutions that allow them to choose the hardware AspectFT runs on, to a pre-loaded server package.

“It is the intention of our companies to bring a solution to the industry that not only controls effectively, thereby reducing energy consumption and cost, but is also as convenient and easy to use as it is cost effective to install,” said IP Controls Center CEO and founder, Rocco Randazzo.

For more information, visit www.aamatrix.com.

Publication date:08/16/2010