PETALUMA, Calif. - Enphase Energy Inc. has introduced the Environ™ Smart Thermostat, what the company says is the first solar-integrated smart energy device. According to Enphase, Environ is an advanced thermostat that wirelessly connects to the Enphase Microinverter System, allowing owners to simultaneously manage their solar installations along with their heating and cooling systems in a single web-based platform.

“One of the most compelling pieces of the Enphase Microinverter System is the built-in communications and analytics platform. It allows owners to monitor and manage their solar system’s performance through a web-based interface,” said Paul Nahi, chief executive officer, Enphase Energy. “Environ leverages this platform to increase the value of solar installations for homes and businesses.”

The Environ thermostat integrates with the Enphase Microinverter System through a Zigbee wireless connection, a standard protocol for smart energy devices. This connection allows owners to control their indoor climate through a web browser or smart phone, as well as directly with the wall-mounted thermostat.

“Our customers are always interested in ways to add to their solar system and further improve their energy profile,” said John Black, owner of Phoenix-based solar integrator, Black Platinum Solar & Electric Inc. “Environ helps us better serve our customers, while expanding the products we offer during the solar installation process.”

“This product introduction is a significant step toward a unified platform for businesses and homeowners to generate, monitor, and control their own energy,” added Nahi. “Converging these elements into a single platform has the potential to both unite and expand the markets for solar, energy efficiency, and smart homes, broadly accelerating the shift to a clean energy economy.”

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Publication date:09/06/2010