SEATTLE - Optimum Energy LLC, a provider of HVAC software solutions for improved energy efficiency, announced that it is strengthening its partner support programs with enhanced project development tools and training resources. Optimum Energy said its support is customized to meet the needs of each project partner, and is designed to ensure reliable savings projections, a streamlined sales process, and successful implementation.

According to the company, HVAC optimization offers new business opportunities for equipment and controls suppliers, mechanical and controls contractors, engineering firms, and plant maintenance and service providers. Using Optimum Energy’s optimization software for efficiency projects is said to maximize the energy reduction potential of high-efficiency, variable speed equipment to improve overall project return on investment. Optimum Energy’s solutions typically represent 10 to 15 percent of an overall project investment, leaving the majority of the total project revenue for partners, the company noted.

“Optimum Energy’s success is dependent on supporting all of our partners at all stages of the sales and implementation process,” said Matthew Frey, president and CEO, Optimum Energy. “Our partners and customers benefit from our HVAC expertise, and our ability to reliably deliver the industry’s highest levels of energy reductions. Working together, we are changing the way the commercial building industry approaches efficiency and setting new standards for energy reduction - one building at a time.”

Partner support services include: project development support; education; preliminary savings analysis; site validation/engineering study; design/build; project proposal; project implementation support; and measurement, verification, and management services.

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Publication date:02/07/2011